NIKOLAOU WOODCRAFT | Carpentry Constructions Chalkida Evia


Thanks to our long-term experience in the field, our company "NIKOLAOU WOODCRAFT", which is located in Chalkida, can undertake and carry out, with absolute success, any carpentry construction you wish for your home or business premises.

We build indoor and outdoor wooden stairs, pergolas, wooden floors and any other special construction you desire, always aiming for quality, elegance and functionality.

We can carry out any special construction you wish for your space, always proposing the best and most advantageous solution for you.

The quality of our constructions is an important asset for us, that's why we always use the best raw materials, so that we can be sure of the quality we offer you.

to discuss your needs and together find the ideal solutions for any carpentry construction you wish to carry out. We directly serve Chalkida, all of Evia, Attica, Boeotia and the surrounding prefectures.